Nokja Wide Rectangle 4-Piece Dishes 녹자 넓은 사각접시 4개 세트
Nokja Wide Rectangle 4-Piece Dishes 녹자 넓은 사각접시 4개 세트
Nokja Wide Rectangle 4-Piece Dishes 녹자 넓은 사각접시 4개 세트

Nokja Wide Rectangle 4-Piece Dishes 녹자 넓은 사각접시 4개 세트

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Nokja Wide Rectangle 4-Piece Dish Set
made by Master "Dobong" Chan-Ki Seo (Banggok Kiln)

녹자 넓은 사각접시 4개 세트
"도봉" 서찬기 전수자 작품 (방곡도요)


This is the name of the green pottery. There is no literature to refer to its origin in Korea until now. There have been celadons close to green, but those celadons were not "Nok-ja". Therefore, "Nok-ja", which is close to yellowish green, is the unique pottery to this place.

On the tips of Seo Dong Gyu's fingers, who is nationally recognized, "Nok-ja" comes to life and it is a well-being pottery that could refresh people like the vitality of spring. This pottery is called "Nok-ja" because of the green color which contains the vitality of spring. The record of celadon has been kept but the record of "Nok-ja" hasn't. That reason makes "Banggok Kiln" an only kiln which produces "Nok-ja". Crudely made dishes like innocent nature give you the comfort you don't get tired of it no matter how much you see it.

"Nok-ja" is the masterpiece of the potter who devotes his lifetime to making pottery which can preserve people's health. "Nok-ja" is the traditionally earthen pottery made of nature glaze elm ashes and baked in a traditional kiln using pine firewood. If greasy food is put on "Nok-ja", you just have to wash it with water. If you heat "Nok-ja" in the microwave, it is cool to the touch compared to other bowls. If you put water into "Nok-ja", water will be purified. "Nok-ja" is a good pottery that can keep people's health from pollution and clinical trials demonstrated the superiority.

More you use "Nok-ja", you can find its dignity. It has simple style, delicate color, dignity, chic appearance. It is also nice-looking and convenient for use as a masterpiece which is ahead of our time. The more you see it, the more stylish it is and you don't get fed up with it. Because it is the pride and joy of our time.

"Nok-ja" is a convenient pottery which is pregnant with meaning and discerning. You can know its value when you use it. "Nok-ja" is a life itself with master craftsman's composure and naturalness.



녹자는 건강을 지켜줄 그릇 만들기에 한 평생을 바친 한 도공의 역작이다. 느릅나무 재를  이용한 천연 유약과 좋은 흙으로 빚어 옛날 방식대로 전통가마에서 소나무 장작을 때서    구워낸 전통 도자기다. 녹자는 기름기 있는 음식을 담아도 물을 행구기만 하면 되고, 전자 렌지에 데워도 다른 그릇에 비해 뜨겁지 않으며, 물을 담아두면 정수가 되는 등 공해에 찌든 현대인의 건강을 지켜줄 더없이 좋은 그릇으로 임상실험에서도 증명된 천연도자기다.